Through Biotechnology Promoting Global Health and Sustainability

ScanBiRes is a researcher owned company specialized in cutting edge research and services in lipid biotechnology.
We provide the following services:

Field trials of genetically modified crops developed by academic institutions

Custom made 14C-lipids and non-radioactive lipids for biochemical studies

Contract research to support customer projects

Fractionation of plant oils and fatty acids

About us

ScanBiRes is led by the world leading plant lipid scientist Sten Stymne (Professor in Plant Breeding and Biochemistry) and Dr. Jenny Lindberg Yilmaz (M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, PhD in Applied Biochemistry). The company is devoted to promote biotechnology in agricultural production for environmental sustainability and human health.

For more information regarding our services, please contact:
Sten Stymne ( or
Jenny LindbergYilmaz (