Custom made 14C-lipids and non-radioactive lipids for biochemical studies

For many biochemical studies of lipid metabolism, necessary radioactive or non-radioactive substrates are not available. ScanBiRes offers custom made non-radioactive (mg scale) and  14C-labelled lipids (<10 µCi,< 20,000 dpm/nmol) of high quality. Among lipids offered are acyl-CoAs (C6-C26 saturated, unsaturated and hydroxylated acyl groups or other acyl modification), triacylglycerols, diacylglycerols, phosphatidylcholine and phoshatidylethanolamine with stereo specific distribution of acyl groups. [14C]lipids can be labelled either in the acyl, the glycerol part or in the head group (choline).

Examples of custom made 14C-labelled phosphatidylcholine molecules.