Field trials of genetically modified crops developed by academic institutions

Field trial 2015 in Borgeby, Sweden, with genetically modified Crambe abyssinica
producing wax ester seed oil.

In order to evaluate the agronomic benefits of any trait introduced into a plant, field trial is a must. In most EU countries field trials with genetically modified plants are very difficult or impossible to carry out. Sweden is an exception in this aspect, where a large number of GM field trials for research purposes have been carried out during the last 17 years without any strict security measures and without any vandalism. ScanbiRes offers therefore a service to academic researchers to field test their genetically modified plants in Sweden.

ScanBiRes will, after making its own evaluation of the benefits and risks of field trial with a particular genetic modified plant and trait, take responsibility for applying for permission for field trials to proper Swedish Authority (Swedish board of Agriculture). The field trials are then sub-contracted to an organization highly skilled and experienced in this type of work (The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society, Hushållningssällskapet).